Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

The equipment used to steam clean is truck mounted using a combination of hot water and cleaning agents being injected into the fibres of the carpet at a high pressure. Truck mounted equipment provides the serviceperson equipment that has the strongest power. Therefore, when you are steam cleaning an item you are using equipment that has the strongest power to extract dirt and grime, resulting in a cleaner finish.  Truck mounted equipment does not require electricity. More...

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning offers customers the added advantage of no drying time.  Dry cleaning is performed by using a cleaning pad and handheld electric equipment.  Specific chemicals are used to assist in extracting dirt and grime.  Drying cleaning offers customers with the added advantage of reaching difficult spaces and also the added advantage of keeping your home clean and refreshed all year around.

Tile 'n' Grout Cleaning

Tile n Grout Cleaning provides customers with outstanding results.  The equipment used to perform this clean uses high pressure and steam.  Tiles are gently scrubbed and the steam extracts the dirt and grime.

Car, Drapes, Upholstery and  Lounge Suites

Equipment - Micks Carpet Cleaning Ballarat Cars, drapes, upholstery and lounge suites can all be steam cleaned with outstanding results.  Mick’s handheld equipment and the use of steam extracts dirt and grime to almost bring your items back to new.

Why Chose us?

We use chemicals, steam and high pressure to ensure our customers receive excellent results.  Free deodorising is also included with every clean. 

Some real facts about our pre-spraying and deodorising.

Pre spray is used on surfaces prior to cleaning to  assist in releasing dirt and grime prior to steam or dry cleaning.

Our deodorise provides pleasantly perfumed air refresher and ordour neutralizers containing anit-bacterial. anti-fungal and anti-virus agents effective on both the vapour phase and on surfaces. 

Its sophisticated biocidal chemistry not only destroys odour-causing germs, but also removes infections and harmful bacteria from the air and surfaces.

Commercial Cleaning

Mick offers weekend and after hours cleans that suit your business needs.   Van - Micks Carpet Cleaning Ballarat
Whether it be steam or dry clean, tile n grout, or even office and window cleans, Mick is the bloke to impress you with his superior service.


‚ÄčPre vacuum – from $50  

Mick’s Special – 4 standard rooms for only $130 - Includes your hallway steam or dry cleaned free of charge and also free deodorising.

Lounge Suites – from $90 for a three seater, call Mick on 0400 740 002 to obtain an immediate quote over the phone.

Rugs –  from $30 if they are dropped off and collected by the customer at our business address

Leather Lounge Suites – call Mick on 0400 740 002 to obtain a quote.

Drapes – call Mick on 0400 740 002 to obtain a quote.

Tiles n Grout Cleaning – call all Mick on 0400 740 002 for your onsite quote.